Silly food thoughts

June 18, 2017

I can’t say how many times I have almost ridden right by the exit for work the last few weeks, the road is calling again, but time and money are still issues. What is a girl to do but take advantage as much as my funds will allow on the weekends!

Yesterday my constraint was a shop visit, the throttle had been a little wonky and my new chain needed to be checked for adjustment, but I still managed to get a beautiful ocean front 100+ miles in!

Today I left the house without plan and found myself on the most beautiful ride, just me and the road an my thoughts. I have moved so much the last few years prior rides and walks meld and at times I am hard pressed to figure out what state each memory is from; no matter just fresh air and riding bring such peace. As always though the smell of the air definitely tells me where I am; I am not sure everyone notices the little scent nuances I do how the Pacific Northwest has a pine musty sent, whereas Northern Coastal California smells something like Juniper and eucalyptus. Here the smell is a funky sweet smell in the summer I am not sure what it is but I remember when we lived in Carlisle and Concord the smell was all encompassing.

I stayed off the freeway today and found myself wandering on roads labeled “scenic” somehow ending up in Woodstock, CT. Last year I had ended up that way many times, there and Putnam and Promfet all incredibly beautiful towns, with small colleges and private schools.

My mind meanders as much as my riding does to work and when I was a kid to issues I am battling with personally. Then I pass a sign that says “picnic area” and happy memories of our family trip across the US engulf me and the taste of bologna with yellow mustard on Wonder bread eaten in picnic areas in almost every state. Isn’t it funny how when you look back at what we thought was healthy and fine is now considered taboo! I was watching a young kids cooking competition and they had the kids rethink oldies but goodies. It was so funny to see the kids reactions to the foods from duck a l’orange to shit on shingle and ambrosia! I remember them all! And I still love them! Funny how what we grew up with becomes fond memories, but items we just don’t make any more. It makes me wonder what makes one a hit become a has-been, and another hit a home run that seems to never go out of style like a cheeseburger or philly steak!

Ah the silly things one contemplates while riding.

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