Bad Mood?

Have you ever woken up in a bad mood? No reason it is the weekend, you should be a in a good mood, but you just wake up grumpy? Yep that was me this morning! Add a migraine and an yucky tummy and let's just say this lovely July morning was not starting off very well!

What is a girl to do? Workout, do chores, eat, shower, and then of course go for a ride! What better mood changer than a nice long ride to no where in particular. Actually started south toward Connecticut and then ditched that. Hoped on the freeway to see if that might make a difference north, debating bugging my parents for a quick hug and realized the idea of horrible traffic up and/or back would only make things worse. I decided to head the long way round to Bristol my favorite little hometown. As I rode through downtown Barrington and Warren, my mood was picking up. When I reached Bristol and the freshly painted red, white and blue street stripe all bad mood attitude was gone! Passing our old house bad mood is so far gone I am smiling. Smells of the ocean mixed with bacon from a diner and I was in heaven.

Thank goodness for sunny days and motorcycles!

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