Riding this weekend, I smelled the stench before I saw the car ahead of me swerving erratically and moving at significantly under the posted speed limit. Then I saw other drivers desperately trying to get around it.

Sure enough when I managed to move to the right lane (the car was in the far left lane) at a stop light I saw two women without masks sharing a joint. I am not a proponent of any drug (I don’t even like to take aspirin unless I have no other choice), but this was once again a reminder of how ridiculous legalizing this drug has been. And I would like to remind everyone that in RI it is still not legal.

So immediately my mind started contemplating does doing drugs make you stupid or are you already stupid so you do them? Let’s see how this statement plays out. You are doing something illegal, in a vehicle which means you are not only ingesting something illegal you are now driving while under the influence/impaired which is also illegal.

Now consider our current state of affairs with Covid-19, and you are not only doing two illegal things at the same time you are adding to your chances of getting Covid-19 because you are not wearing a mask and you are sharing some of the bodily fluids the CDC says spreads the disease. Furthermore, your chances for developing life threatening symptoms from Covid-19 are even higher by smoking/inhaling any substance.

So to the two women in the car – did doing drugs make you foolish or were you foolish to begin with therefore are doing illegal drugs while driving during an epidemic?

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