So I don't want to get into a male or female or else gender discussion...but this kind of either is or is more of a cultural thing.

I work with only men and I noticed the last few weeks every time I tried to explain where something was the landmarks used by me were completely different from those used by the men. The first example was when I said something was near the Cumberland Farms (a local gas station/convenience store chain) and the male looked confused and said "Oh you mean next to x liquor store." I would have never used a liquor store as a marker and didn't even know there was one on the corner until he mentioned it. Next describing another location the male sald "It is near the Lowes (a local hardware store)" I said "There is no Lowes there," then I said "Oh yeah next to the Stop and Shop (a local market)." Finally, discussing the location of store with another male he said "In the same plaza as Harbor Tools," I said "Harbor Tools?" Not remembering there is a Harbor Tools in that area, I said "Oh no that is the Target plaza, this is in with Best Buy."

Is it just me or are you getting the same drift I am, me (female) thinking, food and shopping, males thinking tools and hardware...

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