Raisins and Prunes

So it begins my long rides always cause my mind to wander, ponder and basically ruminate on everything from yummy brownies to why I can't seem to get a date to today's topic raisins and prunes. I have no idea why my mind started contemplating why we call dried grapes raisins and dried plums prunes, whereas dried apples are just that as are dried apricots and all other dried fruits; but it did.

So of course I couldn't get out of my head until I got home and used Google to find out the why, other than the English language seems really odd at times and most likely very daunting to those trying to learn it. Turns out raisin is the French term for grapes and that they simply add the modifier sec (dry) for what we call raisins, of course we just basically stole the term as we did many other words. Even more fascinating not all plums are prunes, or become prunes, seems there are plums that are specifically used to create prunes as they have pits are are easy to remove!

So my mind can be free of this silly contemplation on my next ride, but who knows what it will come up with next!

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