To PPE or Not? That is the question.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Did you don your mask today when you left the house, entered the grocery store, or went to work? Did you use sanitizer after getting gas? Perhaps you wiped down all your groceries when you got home? Have you cleaned your house more in the last month than ever in your entire life? If so, then why are you riding your motorcycle without your motorcycle PPE (personal protective equipment)? Yes, you! I saw you riding with a t-shirt and shorts and no helmet, or maybe that was you with barely anything on and your cute partner on the back with even less on? So, let’s see if I got this right. You were extra careful to make sure you were protected from Covid-19, but you do not care to protect yourself and your loved ones when you ride? Now for the arguments you presented to me regarding your love of riding without any motorcycle PPE or not enough. I don’t need to ride with motorcycle PPE, because I ride really well and have never been in an accident. Great so you don’t need a mask or other PPE when you go to the store because you are so healthy and everyone around you is healthy and safe? I don’t ride with motorcycle PPE because I love to feel the wind in my face. Interesting, so you are ok with breathing in all the germs floating in the air when you get closer than 6’ to another? I don’t need to ride with motorcycle PPE, because I have never been down. Fascinating, so you have no problem ending up in the hospital deathly ill because why should you wear any PPE? Or maybe if you go down without your motorcycle PPE you don’t mind ending up in the hospital (if you even make it) that is already taxed with caring for Covid-19 patients? Terrific, you are in the hospital, but no one can visit you, and you are potentially now even more at risk for catching Covid-19. What about your loved one on the back who you have not provided with the proper motorcycle PPE? Perhaps you could care less if they get injured? Really? At this time you would not be able to visit them in the hospital, or care for them when they returned home, as their ability to fight infection would be reduced by the injuries they received when they went down with you. Your arguments don’t quite stand up do they? I am not a doctor, nor do I specialize in any type of research regarding Covid-19 or motorcycle PPE, but I do read a lot of studies and make my PPE decisions based on the credible knowledge available to me. I could go on and on arguing for motorcycle PPE, but I won’t at this time I will leave that decision up to you. However I will say if you decide to continue to ride without proper gear every time you go out no matter how short the ride (most accidents happen with 5 miles of your home), then I would say don’t don your Covid-19 PPE, don’t wear your seatbelt and turn off your airbag in your cage, and be sure you force your loved ones to do the same.

Where your gear all the time

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