You are too fat.

“You are too fat” this has been said to me numerous times in the past; was it true? In the correct context it was. It was the late 70’s and early 80’s and I wanted to try modeling, so yes in that context during that time frame it was.

How many of you have experienced someone saying something about you that was either portrayed inaccurately or was blatantly untrue? I would hazard to guess all of you. That said why are people still posting or reposting fake news or inaccurate information.

Imagine the current environment and how easy it is to pass along fake or inaccurate information; much easier than the late 70’s and early 80’s when all you had was a landline and maybe a voicemail machine attached to that landline! That statement about my weight could have gone viral both positively and negatively depending on how it was portrayed.

Now imagine you are a budding politician, small business or even a large business, or just a “regular guy” and someone posts a fake or inaccurate story about you and then others repost it and continue to repost it even after being told it is not accurate or is blatantly false. Imagine the damage it could do to you personally, professionally and all those who work for you or are associated with you in any way.

I can’t say it enough, please before you repost any story / information double and triple check the source and truly think about the damage it might cause if it is not true. I am not perfect and may have in the past and may still in the future post something I have not properly vetted. What I do hope is if I find out it is not accurate that I will apologize and take it down/retract it.

Remember I was “too fat” in the proper context (yes there were better ways it could have been worded/presented), but taken as just a lone statement that sounds like a horrible inaccuracy.

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